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What's happening at Shasta College
Help us start a Live Theater by clicking here:
    We could call it any of the following:
       Theater of Cottonwood                                                                     Theater of Community

       Theater of Consensus
       Theater of  Comedy
We would be the 'TOC' of the Town... 

                                                   OUR MISSION

To create a group of people that want to earn at least a stipend in producing plays and performances using consensus building and the arts of listening to each other and working together.
1.    Producing plays, acts and performances that are
       fun and educational.
2.    Work toward consensus in all decisions.
3.    The inherent worth and dignity of every person.
4.    Acceptance of one another.
5.    Affirming life in all areas where we find it!
6.    To have fun and be joyful!


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